New Zealand Prime Minister is the youngest in the world, the first woman in 30 years to have a baby while head of state, what’s it like?

I had to reflect on my story and start to work a little harder on telling it.


I joined together snippets of videos taken over the last couple of years touching on topics which have been preoccupying me.
I touch on the role-change that Josef and I made when I began full-time work in Vienna in 1999 after completing the PC-User course with the AMS – the Austrian unemployment service (Arbeits Markt Service).
I mention moving from the fourth floor apartment in Linz to the house with a garden in Zwettl, though some of the details there have been cut off. I reflect on the feeling that I became a real “house-wife” when we had a garden and fruit trees and berry bushes and vegetables growing. I began making jams and compote and fruit juice syrups. I took my small children to music school and exercise class and kindergarten. Then we did the role change.
I have just bought a number of books from Stephen Covey and see a real potential for sharing.
As a Certified Communications Trainer, due to retire from a regular job within a year, I am now planning my future agenda.
I can imagine giving motivational training and courses to promote principle values. I have a wealth of experience to draw on.