That’s why I love living in the country. And then I ended up posting it to FaceBook afterall! And I even tweeted it! All my efforts to maintain ownership of all my material, trying to post on my blog… And then this! I uploaded the video and I saw the icons for Twitter and FaceBook, and ZAP. It was done! Now I am public.

I am sitting at my desk and was glancing out my window admiring the beauty of the sunset. Then the church tower began to chime nine o’clock at night! Nine o’clock. And sunset! I just love this mid summer night feeling. Even though it was cooler today than it has been. I just love the long evenings. Even the early light mornings do not bother me. In fact, I prefer to have an early sunrise waking me, with no alarm, than to be tired and miserable in a cold, dark winter morning. So, dear kids in Oz. This is also for you. Remember when you used to live with us at home? No? Too long ago? Too far away? Well, I moved into this house so that my boys could be boys, could make noise and climb trees without upsetting the neighbours. Now, I am still here and my boys have turned into men. 

Just wanted to share the beautiful sunset. Please admire what I appreciated today.


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