June 10

Thank you Todd Burrier – All Things to All People?


Be true to yourself and you will build your tribe. You will find the people who want what you have when you are true to yourself.

I spent the morning with friends in Langenlois, watching: “The Spirit”, the annual event where people come together and inspire each other to do good for others. Next year, my friends want to be there in person, and not just virtually like this time. But we were together with each other and still shared “the spirit”. Then I wanted to find those inspiring videos, and it really does look like the group has disappeared, or I have been taken out of the group. So I found the video, where Todd Burrier says you can’t be all things to all people. This is exactly what I needed NOW. This week, we celebrated my boss’s birthday. There were drinks and music and some of my Latino colleagues love to move and groove to the music. I feel much more conservative, yeah, maybe even inhibited, shy, inflexible, in any case, I could not warm up to drinking in the office, or to dancing, or staying there too long. Well, I do have a longer trip home, and I still had things to do, but when I left, I realised I was not really in my comfort zone. I noticed the full-moon that night and ended up talking to a couple of other colleagues who were going through other things. We shared a conviction to let go. To accept what was coming. To be confident that all is well. To do the best we can in the situation we are in and not to stress about what we cannot do.



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