On Monday 6 July I came to the hospital without breakfast and sure enough, I was operated on the same day. I had an epidural and had the left knee replaced with an artificial knee joint of metal and acrylic.
On Tuesday the physiotherapist had me sit on the edge of the bed and put both feet on the floor.n Wednesday I was up again and went to the toilet.
I can tell you about my daily progress. I could also show you gory photos and tell you lots of dramatic details. I have not counted how many clips are holding my new knee together.
Mainly I want to thank you all for your support and prayers. Some of you have called while the doctors were doing their rounds. Some while I was hobbling back to bed. A couple times I just rejected the calls because I really do not want to talk to anybody yet.
My family comes to visit me every day. I appreciate your concern. Please give me this time. The amazing Austrian Health Care System has me in aftercare which will take a long time.
When I retired last year I did say that my next project was my health. I’ve virtually finished the book for publication and in January I resolved that 2020 was my year of Project Health. This was just the first knee. A twelve degree angle bow-leg correction. Still coming up, six degrees correction on the right knee. Please continue thinking of me and praying for me. You may also contact my family for confirmation. But – please give me this time for recuperation. Everything is new, different and yes, difficult and painful right now. So forgive me. I do not want any visitors. And no, I don’t even want to talk about it. I’m trying to write and maybe, depending on how I sense the receptivity, I may publish some of my thoughts, feelings and reflections through this phase. It is a phase. It will pass. And I thank you for your understanding.