Thirty-seven years ago today, Josef and I were blessed in Madison Square Garden by Reverend and Mrs Sun Myung Moon together with 2075 other couples from over 50 different countries.

I arrived in New York on Sunday 27 June, on my 28th birthday. It was a long flight with a stopover in Los Angeles. The weather was the same then and there as it is now and today here in Vienna: Hot.

I just watched a very poor quality video produced by New Future Films in 1982. That’s how it was in those days. That’s how it was for me. Now I’m starting to tell my story. Okay all you Toastmasters and UN staffers who wanted to know what I have to say. Keep tuned. I’ll be sharing more of my story. I’m posting on my blog. I’m linking to FaceBook. I have nothing to lose. You have all the blessings to gain. I want to share my blessings with you all. I want to bless the world. I have many mentors. FlyLady, Marla Cilley taught me to bless the world with a feather duster. Clare Josa taught me to Dare to Dream Bigger.

I had to take the leap of faith myself when I booked the staff social room in F10 of the VIC to celebrate my birthday and farewell. Seventy days before, I finally took the plunge and made the request to see if the room was available and booked it. How was I going to celebrate myself and share my blessings with my colleagues, family and friends?

Nothing comes from nothing. I am a Toastmaster afterall. I asked for help. I got it.

This is my first day as a new retiree. I’d like to keep in touch. I’ll be writing and eventually telling, my story. Stay tuned.