As I prepare for my next contribution to my blog I feel guilty that this is nothing like a daily log about my life. Not at all. I am too busy living my life and really have to work hard at getting a couple of hours free here and there to write about all my many activities!

My to do list:

Write about our trip to Paris
Write about Laura Rockwood
Reflect on my life as an Australian in Austria
Talk about the wonders of parenthood
Credit my wonderful sons for their creativity and social responsibility

Get a birthday present for number four son

Market my talents

Apply for a job

Save the IAEA
Save the world

Save the UN

Buy a turkey for Christmas
Write a review of the year for my Christmas Letter

Prepare a Christmas address list

Make a salad for lunch

Now back to reality. Quickly write the next post with the link to the video from Paris, the potatoes are nearly boiling!