We attended a seminar in Heiligenkreuz at the Catholic University, south of Vienna, Austria. It started off dark and depressing. I began wondering, “What am I doing here? Shouldn’t I be home finishing off editing the book on the spirit world?” We came together. Josef wanted to see Frau Dr Gerda Falkovic. She spoke in the afternoon.

The catholic priest who said he was not interested in meeting new people or making friends with anyone. But he did advise us that we must be sure to provide the final sacrament of absolution before somebody dies.  Be sure that they can go straight up to heaven.

As Unificationists, who believe that Heaven is an ideal family, (learning to love and experiencing the love of God through the four realms of heart, of children’s receiving love, reciprocal love of siblings, conjugal love in an exclusive marriage relationship and unconditional parental love, greater than the Agape love of God, because truly unconditional) we could only wonder at the ignorance of such a religious person. We felt total gratitude to our True Parents who revealed the Divine Principle and Blessed us in marriage to be able to experience the substantiation of the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. We  plant the seeds of the Kingdom of Heaven during our physical life, as we live, so shall we die. When we die, and transition into  the Spirit World, the love we have developed on Earth, will be with us still. How can you believe in God and say: “I don’t care about other people”?

The final speaker was the initiator of the meeting and very inspiring. THIS is what I came for, I thought. Religion and psychology and psychiatry. Yes. That’s what I want to hear. People need stable relationships. YES. People need values. YES. Everything said in the last presentation was an inspiration and I just wanted to record it all. The man sitting beside me assured me that the whole seminar as well as all those from previous years will be available on the website in a couple of weeks. I must check it out. My short clips were for my own benefit. But the contents of the afternoon sessions were really inspiring.

The journalist who spoke in the morning about literature and heaven and hell had her perspective. When asked about fifty shades of grey she said she found it to be an interesting lecture, contradicting the critical questioner.