Go to kindergarten together, parents speak the same language, then end up at the same high school for six years. Then part company for half a life-time. Travel half way round the world to attend the 60th anniversary of the high school and meet in the car park as we enter Moonee Valley Race Course. It was the St.Albans High School Reunion and Maria and I just happened to meet as we both arrived, she with a former neighbour and me with my husband. She lives in Canberra, I live in Austria. She works as an optometrist, I at the UN in Vienna. We both made the effort to come to the reunion. I’ll post this on my blog and link to FaceBook, so will add my suggestions here. Next time, take the group photos at the beginning. Get name tags and include the years attended on the tags. I don’t know what I was really looking for. The food was good. The music was too loud. And I wanted to see some old school friends. But when even my own younger brother did not know about the reunion, I can imagine that a lot of my old class mates also just didn’t know. If you are out there, drop me a line.