This was going to be an inspiring testimony of how wonderful the new Vienna Boys Choir concert hall, The Muth, is.

It was last Saturday night

that we went there to hear the Creation. I am such an ignoramus when it comes to music and I can be so proud that all five of my boys are really well educated in music – one of the advantages of being born in Austria and going to school in Vienna! We can argue about Australia and Austria, but there are some things which you just cannot do so easily in Australia. Joining the Vienna Boys Choir is one of them. Going to concerts in their new concert hall is another. Watching my own son sing, as the youngest of five Vienna Choir Boys, now all grown up, is really very special. No wonder I get too tired to finish writing about all the excitement in my life! I rest my case and when I have more time, I’ll fill in the gaps of composer, story and other details.