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Election Sunday


All Austria is consumed by the election for a new government. Even FaceBook is reminding me to vote. Yes, I live in Austria. However I have no voting rights in Austria, Continue reading

Krk Family Holiday

Next trip – Krk. Family holiday was supposed to be the first family holiday but one son didn’t come. It is still a family holiday. First morning in Krk. Should I look to the past and continue digesting and reporting on the Peace Road trip last week or talk about today and tomorrow? Continue reading

Friedensreise Peace Trip Through Former Yugoslavia

I was most surprised to find that I was actually the last one to arrive at the bus on Friday morning. Continue reading

We went to the Circus

So we went to the circus. Josef got free tickets from work. At half-time they told us we could go see their animals Continue reading

I don’t use YouTube Everyday

I do not use YouTube everyday. I have uploaded videos to my ozlilly account. Continue reading

Life and Eternity

I’m just like you. Only different. I want to write my blog because I love sharing. I philosophize, meditate, rationalize, analyse. I tell you what I think, what I’ve done, where I’ve been. And then I spend time at home, snacking, watching The Mentalist, obeying my FitBit to walk 250 steps every hour at ten to the hour. Then I check my mails, check FaceBook, check my bank account. Every morning I check my blood pressure before I get out of bed. Continue reading

The sun is trying to come out

It is six-thirty at night. The sun is just coming out. The final week in Duernberg. We are both sitting in the lobby with our laptops. We just had dinner. Continue reading

Don’t worry about what you can’t do, just do what you can

That was my by-line on my signature a few years ago.
Today I finally wanted to post some photos to FB from this beautiful area of Austria where I am privileged to spend three weeks taking care of my health. Continue reading

PVA Kur Neu and FOMO

I’m sitting in the Café at Kur Hotel StJosef. I’m inspired by the philosophy of the house and despite resistance, forced to admire the “Kur neu, Gesundheit Vorsorge Aktiv”, the health care programme provided by the Austrian pension fund. Continue reading


That’s where I’m at now. You know the stages of mourning when somebody dies? Maybe not. Continue reading

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