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I'm an Australian living in Austria, now in Vienna. I have a loving husband and gifted adult children. We are Communication, Family, Marriage and Organization experts. We are Unificationists. We inspire, we engage, we make a difference!

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First full day rehab. Breakfast at 6:30. Same procedure as last year. Take the therapy plan and line up to enter the dining room. Waiter checks that you are on the right time slot. Free choice of seats. Difference? All single tables. All facing the front. Small round tables set for one. The larger tables turned off-side for one person to sit at the narrow edge. I go to get my cereal, fruit and yoghurt. I consciously avoid the bread and buns. A waiter comes by with croissants. What a temptation! Continue reading

We celebrated the 32nd birthday on-line altogether via zoom. Ch. joined from Canada. A. came a bit late. N. came over an hour late. Seems like nobody is on FaceBook anymore. I told them that I am staying on Facebook and WhatsApp and Google. Continue reading

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