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Happy Birthday

We celebrated the 32nd birthday on-line altogether via zoom. Ch. joined from Canada. A. came a bit late. N. came over an hour late. Seems like nobody is on FaceBook anymore. I told them that I am staying on Facebook and WhatsApp and Google.

So many are moving over to Signal now and we have a new family group there, still incomplete until the last phone has found the space to install it. Now I’ve exposed myself and the bad guys know where to find me again. I still say, do all the good you can and don’t focus on what you don’t want.
I was working on editing a video for the birthday boy and lost the whole project half an hour before we met. I want my own (off-line!) copies of photos and videos and try to keep them on external hard discs which then get too full. Our Synology is also not doing all we want it to do so I’ve been talking about upgrading it.
I had edited a video for T’s birthday in December and YouTube informed me this week that they deleted it because of the child content. So again, I want a SharePoint for our home office, even if home covers six households and three continents!
I told the kids that I want a fully equipped office and plan after my rehabilitation to be more active. I am still working on my profile, clarifying my true niche and expertise. I am the communicator. The trainer. I’ll tell you more and more what my expertise really is.

Even though I thought I’d keep monitoring the recovery process of my two knee operations, I tend to just generalize and see no need to record every pill and pain. (Don’t focus on what you don’t want!) Enough to say that I have stopped taking the pain killers over a week ago when I decided to wait until the pain got unbearable before swallowing the first pill of the day. After surviving the whole day without any pain medication, I feel compelled to continue on this course. I am also noticing that as long as I continue to cycle for twenty or twenty-five minutes a day, the back pain is under control. The few times I have a longer gap between the exercise sessions I have soon been plagued by lower back pain again.
Hmm, sounds like an addiction. Like the headaches I get when I go without coffee too long…
My knees are still both swollen and yes, the scars both hurt when I massage them. The older one feels like it is getting more pliable. The right one is very hard and extremely sore to pressure which makes it feel like that is exactly what I have to do to it. Both knees are still numb around the outside of the operation scar, the left on the left side and the right on the right of the scar. The numb area is gradually becoming smaller, but I only notice that on the left knee. Now that was operated already six months ago in July!

Patience is a virtue, they say.
So I wonder why I struggle with self-image issues and can’t imagine myself “making my annual income into my monthly income”?
I’m attending various seminars on self-development and this week it was three parallel.
Yes of course everybody is offering their special courses now for the start of the year, setting themselves up for success and sharing all their secrets on how you too can get it all.
I was particularly attracted to Brigitta Tauch whose theme is irresistibly feminine. It just felt so incredible to find somebody promoting their femininity when it feels like the mainstream media just upholds genderism and equality. I was pleasantly surprised by all I heard and learnt there. I think I still feel like a Tomboy and need to work on my own femininity. Growing up with four brothers and then five sons has certainly deprived me of the feminine input. But no, I am not promoting my deficit here, I am being mindful of my origin.
Only three percent of people follow through with their plans and convictions and they are the ones who will succeed. You have to overcome your circumstances and make your decision and be committed.
So that made my decision to put off the “success advisor” talk due to my knee operations ultimately feel like an excuse. It is just a matter of what you really want. Once you know what you want you put your mind in that frequency and things start falling into place.
I clicked the button without reading what was below and was really surprised to get a call from Bob Proctor’s office in America, believing I want to become a consultant at PGI. I was actually watching Navy CIS and feel completely justified in feeding my subconscious the image of the people I want to emulate.
I just realised that since I worked for NBSL and NSNS, NCIS is just a natural place for me to land. I’m inspired by the lab assistant in NCIS and I’m still working on completing the exercises which help me to identify what characteristics attract me to Abi Sciuto.

Lab Assistant

I remember one weekend, while working at the labs of NBSL, National Biological Standards Laboratory, which later moved to Canberra. I was working as a Technical Assistant. We did the quality tests (QC) on Smallpox and other vaccines produced by CSL, the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories. I prepared the tissue cultures that were used for the QC. We were part of the Commonwealth Department of Health and I was proud to be a public servant. I went one weekend privately to develop a film and print some photos at the lab. We had to sign in at the security gate. This was a high-security area.
Then at NSNS, 40 years later, I was working behind glass security doors within the UN compound of the VIC. My own office was only accessible with my personal security chip and my computer, of course, password protected. So I guess it’s quite natural for me to feel quite at home at NCIS.
I am still in my two-year break, post-retirement. I’m still recovering from my knee operations.

This is the meeting in March before I left as the staff were being instructed on how to work the automated programme that was to take my place.
Nobody is indispensable, they say.
Yet you are unique and irreplaceable. So, go figure.
You just wait till I’m ready to hit the road again!

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