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Salamanca Market, Hobart

Just began downloading DaVinci_Resolve_16.1.1_Windows.zip to edit my videos on Christoph’s recommendation.

Had to say what I would use it for.
NGO Social media. To tell the world how to make world peace through ideal families and motivate women and “old” people to speak up.
I’m just an energetic older woman.
No, I don’t throw tantrums in the supermarket. I don’t make a scene on the bus.
I was on the bus yesterday and a little self-consciously sat down beside a pretty young blond lady with long hair. The seats are so narrow and you can’t help touching each other. Another woman came to sit in the vacant seat across the narrow aisle on the 13A. She had a rucksack on and was carrying another one in front of her. I heard an argument erupt and was not sure exactly what was going on. The couple on the adjacent seat were having a conversation about people paying for only one seat. They had apparently complained that there was not enough room and a lively argument ensued to the amusement of myself and my neighbour. I commented, as quietly as I could that you can argue about anything if you want to. Our neighbours continued abusing and accusing each other until the one lady moved across the aisle when another seat became vacant behind me. But even then, the couple continued loudly and rudely commenting about paying for their seat on the bus and obviously believing that their fellow passenger had no such rights. She simply had another bag on her lap for heaven’s sake! My neighbour had to get off at the next stop and I wished her well. She smiled and returned the greeting.
I love Vienna! It is such a friendly city. You meet all types. You find the beggars at the railway stations and wonder are they part of the organized mafia who get dropped off at their workstations each day and locked up in dorms at night? I sometimes give them something to eat when I have it. I don’t like to give money. If they are the mafia, the poor beggars see nothing of their daily gains. If they are drug addicts or alcoholics, they only use it to feed their habit. I gave my Chinese meal to a man begging at Burggasse quite a while ago, and he was really grateful to receive it! I was happy to share as I had already had enough!
I sometimes meet a clever young lady who I met a few times on my way to work. She would always start with: Do you speak English? Then she would ask you to buy her something to eat. The expectation was that you would eventually give her some money, believing that it was really for food because of her opener. The first time I gave her my lunch which included an avocado, fruit and some ham. I really missed that delicious lunch but felt good about helping a poor hungry soul with a luxury meal. I also wondered whether she would really eat it or throw it in the bin. The next time she appeared, she had coloured her hair and I didn’t even recognize her at first. After that I just ignored her.
Once I met a lady at Praterstern who managed to convince me that she just needed xx more Euros to pay the deposit on an apartment. She said she had small children and had just got a job, but had to move out of a shelter and told a long sob story. Of course I was sceptical. I was on my way to work. I asked her a ton of questions and she just kept getting more and more complicated. She was an incredible actress. She played such scenes of elation and ecstacy that she finally had a job, but she just needed to pay the deposit for this room for herself and her kids. She had an answer to every comment I made. I don’t remember how much I gave her. It was not the amount that she asked for which was audaciously high, but all I could respond was, I do not have that much. I ended up giving her what I did have in my wallet. She said she could start working at Billa in three weeks and she named the street and the branch. Of course I did not know it. And of course it sounded so authentic. And you can tell by my attitude now that I really did not believe her. Yet I gave her my money.
I’m just an energetic older lady. I’m not a cranky old lady.
I am a responsible citizen. I follow my heart. I guess she got to me. I could say I rewarded her acting talents. She really managed to win me over.
After all, I was also once a fundraiser. I even have a few endorsements on LinkedIn. Made me really wonder how did they know that I was a fundraiser? How does anybody know anything about me? Well I am a bit blatantly public aren’t I? Should I be a bit more careful about what I share? Have I made myself a target? Have I compromised my security? Can we still live our lives in safety if we are public figures?
I cling to my ideals and resolve again to speak out for values and morality and for world peace through ideal families. Aren’t there a million other people who think just like me, but don’t know how to say it? Don’t I have an obligation to express my gift of the gab?
I have now downloaded the new freeware file which should help me edit my heaps of videos. It’s meant to be a fast program. I do look forward to sharing my videos. I’ve been to so many exciting and interesting meetings and you need to know about it. Of course I can’t share all the confidential stuff – yet. But maybe in a few years’ time, when all the other “targets” are gone, and I’m really “only” a cranky old lady, then nobody will be worried about what I publish and post.

Now I’ll just go searching for some photos of some of the products I sold while fundraising.


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Lilly Gundacker is an Australian living in Austria, now in Vienna. With a loving husband and gifted adult children' she excels at Communication, Family, Marriage and is an Organizational expert. As a retired International Civil Servant and dedicated Unificationist she motivates, inspires, engages, and makes a difference!

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