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Season’s Greetings

What’s the point of writing a blog? What’s the point of MY blog? I write to journal, to reflect on the day, on my life. Today as I tap briefly into FaceBook I realize I will first write in my blog before posting our Christmas photo. Continue reading

Being Grateful

Today I am actually already Down Under, at Mum’s. We are both extremely appreciative, grateful. I know my kids laugh at my Mum and often at me. I don’t really appreciate that! Continue reading

Peace Starts With Me #peacestartswithme

Thankyou Diana Fischer for your call to action.
What am I doing to promote peace?
Josef and I committed to each other on July first nineteen-eighty-two. Our motto was “World Peace Through Ideal Families”. Continue reading

Time and Relationships

It is the night before Christmas Continue reading

Ganz schön intim

… was the title of a meeting Josef called by the Family Forum, Austria (Familienforum Oesterreich) in cooperation with the Women’s Federation for World Peace, Austria WFWP-AT (OEFF). The occasion was the activities of the Austrian Minister for Education and Women and her project to introduce sex education in Austrian schools and kindergartens.

Ganz schön intim

Blogging or FaceBooking?

Blogging or Facebooking? Or perhaps Twitter today? Or how about YouTube?
An email in my mailbox from Jeremy Gilley, the initiator of Peace Day took me to a link about his project and a YouTube video on Who Will You Make Peace With?

I get lots of mails from peace movements and never have enough time to read them all. Well, actually, perhaps I’m not really interested in really reading them ALL. Hmmm. Continue reading

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