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Learning by Doing
It’s Friday morning so I went live on Facebook.
I talked about how the universe will use any tools available to it to fulfil your wishes.
I’m writing here in my blog now, but I talked about how I used to get upset at Google or Facebook for making suggestions to me after obviously spying on my digital reality. I had searched for something in Google or Amazon or YouTube or Facebook and there I was somewhere completely different, maybe Gmail, and the ads were offering me exactly what I was searching for one minute ago somewhere else, maybe even on my phone!

Universal Good
Now because I believe in the good in all – in all people and in the universe – I believe we can use all these tools for the greater good.
Of course, I still get upset when I notice that I am being ripped off. I do not approve of the profit-hungry multinationals using and abusing their power positions. I even cringe when I am expected to make a donation for a simple search on a network which serves my interests. However, I have been known to donate to Wikipedia and a few other causes which provide “free” services and then ask for a donation to support their volunteers. I’ve used Freemake software for example for video processing.
So where are we going?
I really want to be able to motivate those with little to use their own resources. I know how quickly little can multiply to become a lot.

Matthew 25:14–30
Just look at the bible verse of the talents that were hidden in the ground and those that were invested and created massive returns.
When I think I don’t have enough and hoard everything I do have, I end up cluttering my place up with stuff that does not serve me at all.
Once I learn to freely part with what no longer serves me, I not only help others, I start to feel better myself! I open up my environment to receive what I really want.
My own problem is to recognize: What do I really want?
So, the practice of Vacuum Law Prosperity is a wonderful tool to help figure that out.

Vacuum Law of Prosperity
Once we overcome our own fears of lack, fear of being ripped off, fear of making a mistake, fear of looking stupid, fear of being vulnerable – then we can grow so much into new realms.
When my life is governed by fear I am not living in light. Fear is crippling.
Sometimes I wonder whether it is just now that I am older and retired that I don’t really care what people think.

What do people think?
I think of the differences I experienced in Australia, in America, and here in Austria. I saw people going down to the shopping centre in Oregon, USA, in tracksuits. Then they were being called lounge suits. Arriving in Austria in 1988 I realised the dress code was quite different. In fact I first noticed it the time I came to visit my grandparents in Munich. That was in the nineteen seventies. I had my long skirt and some hippie style stuff. I think my grandparents were horrified. They did not want to be seen with me looking like that!

Nearly 20 years later I arrived in Austria with a long dress I had sewn for myself in America as a maternity dress. I had the same feelings of inappropriateness when I wore that in Austria in public.

Now I am quite a bit older. Of course, I am not happy having gained too much weight lately. So, I am also at a bit of a loss of what I should wear. However, to hide myself away and not come out with anything is not an option.
So, I am learning to face my fears. I am turning up with what I’ve got. And I’m starting to believe the few people who say that nobody is interested in me because everybody is only interested in themselves.

Go with the flow
You can possibly tell from the content here that I was interrupted and am now looking to reach a certain number of words to publish. My point earlier was to trust the universe and build that prosperity vacuum. Allow the universe to bless you.

Next allow yourself to be visible and don’t be intimidated. I had to go downtown, which is very convenient from here now where we live in the city. On my way back I met Roy. He is from Israel. He has some classy face creams and treatments for puffy eyes and dark rings under the eyes.

I did not get offended to think he thought I might need this stuff. I told him I was not going to buy anything. He was a charming salesman and invited me into his shop where he gave me a collagen treatment.
In fact I just found the business site on Facebook. I got a bit of pampering. Roy was laid back and accepted that I said I would not buy anything. We took a selfie together. Now take a look at my wrinkled eyes. And then the shot afterwards where one eye had the collagen treatment.








To be fair the cameras are not equal. Nor is the environment. I took the shots of myself selfie style out on the street. 

It was fun. It was fine. Enjoy yourself. Have a great day.

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Lilly Gundacker

Lilly Gundacker is an Australian living in Austria, now in Vienna. With a loving husband and gifted adult children' she excels at Communication, Family, Marriage and is an Organizational expert. As a retired International Civil Servant and dedicated Unificationist she motivates, inspires, engages, and makes a difference!

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