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The Photographer

Josef is very happy with the camera he got for his birthday. Well, he did choose it himself after all. This trip he has been filming crocodiles, koalas, lizards, me in tropical rainforests and lots more.


Friends who meet to share: philosophies, life stories, family tales.
Thank you Diana! It was supposed to be a kind of farewell. Nine years ago you called to say our paths would part, but we could still meet as friends: Since then we have met nearly every month of every year. You have introduced me to “The Diamond Cutter”, LifePlus, The Metabolic Diet.
I truly treasure our meetings, the barbeque, the wisdom, the common ground we always find in our monthly chats.

IMG_20141220_105937760And finally, I managed to get a selfie at Merkur where we meet for breakfast.
Happy New Year!

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