2009-05-22-011Now there are two! Both black, still tiny, both have their eyes open. I told one of my participants in Kitzbühel that we have had 13 black cats. Remember the first one, that just came to us all by itself, tiny and alone, pure black. It was around six or seven years ago. Then she had kittens. And suddenly, during the summer, before we managed to find takers for the kittens, they all disappeared! The pool was open, and Nathan thought someon2009-05-22-013e must have stolen them. Shortly afterwards, another black cat, again, small, still a kitten, came to us – a bit different than the first one, but all black just the same. The following year she had kittens, two black and two tabbies.  One tabby didn’t survive. One did, but then that disappeared. Hmm. What is this?

The black mother and kitten stayed with us for a while. The kitten is the one we still have now. black kitten She has just had her third litter. It’s high time to take her to the vet. We took her mother to the vet many years ago when we thought she had gone crazy. She was just on heat. Shortly afterwards the first kittens were born.