Club Visitor Trophy, District 109, Toastmasters, Catch the Flag!
What did I do last Monday night? As an active Toastmaster, I enjoy listening to people speak. As the F2 Area Director, I like to visit my clubs occasionally. My last couple of weeks have been dominated by Toastmasters activities. The weekend of February first Vienna hosted the District 109 DECM, the District Executive Committee Meeting. The week before I collaborated with Area F1 Director and we held a COT, Club Officer Training for our 8 clubs.
On Monday night I went to the Blue Danube Leaders Toastmasters Club. There is a brief round of introductions at the beginning. Thirty seconds. You should not speak longer. The theme of the evening was Expectation vs Reality. Most people introduced themselves according to the theme. I did too. I wrote down the two points I wanted to say. Then when it was my turn, I left my notes behind and only mentioned that I was the Area Director and that my expectation was to meet the Club President and ask him to host the Area Contest. Only at the end of the meeting did I mention the Visitor Trophy. Luckily this Blue Danube Leaders Club is so well organized and such high standard, the ribbon was in a folder with the other ribbon awards. Snap. A photo. A FaceBook post. It’s mine.
To encourage interaction with other clubs the Visitor Trophy was designed like “Capture the Flag”. Go gettem.
So on Tuesday, when I took the role of Grammarian at the VIC Toastmasters meeting it was my job to select a word of the day. Spontaneously I thought of Trophy.

Now we can wait for someone to come to our club to snatch it from us!