We have moved! That’s the message I am sending out to everyone who sends me an email on my old email address. You are now reading my blog which is hosted on a site administered by Christoph, in his web programming expertise. Even in his travels around Australia, he is my guide and admin for my blog. So now I even have an email address at the same domain.
When our landlady gave us notice at the end of last year, saying that she wants the house back by the end of this year we were thrown into turmoil. There were various steps in the transition, contemplating whether to stay in the country or move to the city, to get a house or a flat. I was even considering, where do I really want to settle, Austria or Australia?
After my trip home for Mum’s 90th birthday in January I realized that Australia is extremely expensive. Apart from that, I still had a contract for another year at the IAEA and this was an important economic factor that had to be considered. Where my children will end up living is still an issue open to the stars.
Somehow I never thought that Josef would agree to living in Vienna. We ventured from Zwettl to Kirchberg am Wagram when we did the role-change in 1999 and I started working in Vienna. We wanted to stay within reach of the hometown, Rappottenstein, and commuting distance to Vienna. Hence, Kirchberg, a railway station to the city and property prices just within what we thought we could afford, me still fully intending and believing that we could one day own our own home. Anything closer to Vienna just seemed out of reach. Then of course, as the only bread-winner, on a woman’s wage, we were just happy to make ends meet.
Fast forward – today. We took a leap of faith, and indeed we consider this a real blessing. Despite the higher rent, we believe this is where our future is, where we are meant to be. We have a few more loads to collect to completely empty the house. There are still a couple more days left in this month! Then all the boxes to empty here in the flat. And we are eagerly looking forward to hosting all our family and friends in this place which we feel is where God will work through us in promoting world peace through ideal families.