God created Adam and Eve as his children and, in paradise, gave them the blessing to grow, to multiply and to reign over all of creation (Genesis 1.28). Religion only became necessary after they were chased from paradise, as a means to return to God. One day, when people will have found their way back to paradise

and will have become re-united with God, their original parent, and be one family, there will no longer be any need for religious denominations. Religion will then have fulfilled its mission – but there will always be families and, indeed, they will only then come into their golden age

Quoted from page 85 of the draft translation of Johannes Stampf’s book on the Spirit World.

Finally I have a few days off and, despite the busy schedule, I am committed to get this first draft of the edited version back to him. This book really needs to get published in English! Sorry it has taken me so long, but now I am really serious.

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