Don’t you think schools should teach children to grow food? says a recycled FaceBook article again today.

Well, they do where I come from. And perhaps even more

No, kids, I’m not saying things were better when I went to school. This is the school I went to. NOW it has a school garden with fruit trees, olives, peaches, guava, strawberries, vegetables, pumpkins, turnips, herbs and chickens. There is an outdoor “classroom”, sitting on tree stumps, a glass house, a forest. Really inspiring. Congratulations to the headmaster. When I went there there were nuns teaching us. The headmistress was a Marist nun. We had blue uniforms then. They still have blue uniforms but they look a little different now. We were big classes with lots of kids from lots of cultural and traditional heritages, mostly from Europe, mostly first generation Australian, like me. Today they come from all over, but many are even born overseas.