What an inspiring event:


And my old Olympus camera does work afterall! Just needed a battery re-charge.

While waiting for access to photos and videos taken by the rest of the family at the Festival and the Cruise, here’s my humble contribution to the “Peace Starts With Me” reportage.

You may not be aware how hard it is for me since my mobile phone no longer allows me to use the camera function. I cannot record any film footage, I cannot zoom in and I can only take a photo with the WhatsApp application. This means I have to actually send each photo before I can take another one. With my secret ambition to eventually, perhaps, someday, after retirement, become a vlogger or blogger, this circumstance is extremely trying for me. So I talk about needing a new phone, consider getting a refurbished iPhone, and meanwhile, just attend all the activities I attend, WITHOUT taking photos or videos, or posting on FaceBook or Instagram!

Well, afterall, my time has not yet come. While I am still working, I try to keep a low profile and figuratively, take a back-seat. Even at work, I feel like the silent mother, doing all the groundwork, the background duties, making sure everything works out, functions smoothly. No need to be on the front-line just now. Apart from that, since my dental work is not over yet, I do not even feel confident speaking or reading. I often sense a lisp or certain speech impediment. I look forward to the time that my dental work is complete. Thank God for the United Nations Health Insurance! I would never have been able to afford the work in my mouth without the support of VanBreda, Cigna and an IAEA salary!

So, do enjoy your cruise down the Danube. I had mine with my family yesterday. Yes, all seven of us were there. Well, Francesca my daughter-in-law, making up the number seven, as Christoph is still in Australia. And today they are painting out their new apartment, while I have a little me-time at home alone. they will be moving out this month and we next month.

Getting all excited about all the upcoming change.