Dear World,
It was my birthday today. I went to work with two boxes of biscuits. I shared one in the office. I took the other to the Toastmasters meeting at lunchtime. I had carefully considered this day. I thought of all the stories I would tell. I had spent the weekend preparing an album of photos of my life. I felt privileged to be able to work at the UN in Vienna when most of my colleagues there will have to retire by their 62nd birthday.
And the Toastmasters meeting. I am the new incoming president. So it really would not have been fitting to not attend the meeting today. So I thought of signing up for Tabletopics master. There I would have made all my themes relating to age, respect, appreciation, relevance, fears. I would have talked about my own experiences.
I had overcome my “imposter syndrome” and faced the music. I came to work. I went to the Toastmasters meeting.
The meeting turned out completely differently than I expected. I did not tell anybody it was my birthday. Yes, I was there, but I still felt uncomfortable putting myself in the centre.
Then it came. The request for volunteers to speak about the Sustainable Development Goals.
I had a great birthday today. On Sunday we had lunch in the revolving restaurant of the Donauturm (Danube Tower). Today, I spoke at the UN about the need for cooperation and partnerships. And that is really what I am happiest doing.