April 8

Bad Ischl


It’s Saturday! Today I had Kneipp therapy at six-thirty in the morning. Josef was up in the room and asked me how long it would take and suggested we go to breakfast at around seven-thirty, eight o’clock.

So after the Kneipp Therapy – into the warm pool up to the knees, out of the warm pool, into the cold pool, right foot first, lift the knees, feels freezing, almost painful before I finally reach the other end and come out, up the three steps, around the pool, back into the warm, cold, warm, cold, ten times! – then with a hose, cold water on the right leg down the outside, up the inside, then the left leg, round the knees. Wow. Then allow to air dry. So I went to the swimming pool and lay down on a deck chair till I was dry. Then I swam in the thermal water pool until the recommended twenty minutes was up, before joining Josef up in the room and having breakfast together. There was a dinkel spelt breakfast mix with fruits, so I added some yogurt, sunflower and linseeds.

After lunch we went for a drive to Bad Ischl, a famous imperial place reeking of monarchic flair. The buildings reminiscent of the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy, the thermal pool inviting to swim outside, despite the cold spring air. We walked around, took photos, had a cuppa and then took more photos on the way home!




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