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I'm an Australian living in Austria, now in Vienna. I have a loving husband and gifted adult children. We are Communication, Family, Marriage and Organization experts. We are Unificationists. We inspire, we engage, we make a difference!

Fourteen Weeks

Guess what
I was such an anti-medication freak. I mean since way back! I think I already told you about the time that Schwester Edit in Switzerland wanted to give me drugs and I so vehemently refused? No? Oh, I thought there was already a blog about that but I guess it was just in my private diary. Continue reading


The journaling, the journaling. Even though I’ve put it into my daily calendar to do a review each evening, just so that the reminder comes up and I think about writing something, I’ve been so busy that I’ve just turned the reminders off again and continued doing what I was doing. Continue reading

Parallels or Resonance

I went to the gynaecologist this morning. The nurse just came and made my footbath. I am now in my room alone and actually enjoying it. I did a brief vlog just now. Will I post it? Since I’m all about telling my story, probably yes.
I was waiting downstairs to be called into the gynaecologist and the nurse recognizing me asked why I came down with the patient file of a different patient. Continue reading

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