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Teenage Biker

My mentors have taught me that I’m okay. It was so hard to believe them. I thought I have to be perfect, that I have to be outgoing, that I have to know all the answers.
I was wrong.
I just need to be me.
I just need to love me.
I just need to love me as I am.
Then I will gain the courage to become who I can be.

For a while, when we still lived in the countryside, and I travelled 60 km to work in Vienna, on an Austrian National Rail Ticket (Oesterreichcard), I thought when I retire, that I would spend a year travelling around Austria, blogging from the dining car of trains crisscrossing Austria.

Later, when we moved to the city a year before I retired, I thought I would travel every Viennese tramline and discover the coffee shops of Vienna.

When I retired, I went on a rehabilitation in the countryside, hoping to alleviate my knee pain enough to defy my inevitable knee operations.

Pandemic Lessons
One year later, we had a global pandemic, and I had my knee operations in quarantine. It was during the recovery period that I came across the “Quantum Leap” course, with Vivienne Posch, who introduced me to Bob Proctor. The idea that I could start preparing myself for later, and already start a mentoring course while recovering, was not new. I had already spent time on Clare Josa’s: “Dare to Dream Bigger”, and “Ditching Imposter Syndrome”, while enjoying a health cure, offered by the Austrian health system.

Why didn’t I get a bicycle?
I grew up with four brothers who all had bicycles. Last week I shared with my younger brother my struggles learning to ride a boy’s bike, and then having to ride all alone and never in company. The boys would go on trips together, and there were only four bikes. I could only ride when the green bike I could get on, was free. I was surprised to hear his version of only ever getting a second-hand bike, while the older brother always got the new one.

My brothers
My Bike

I got myself a motor bike.
Bob Proctor tells us to change our perception. I did not have deprivation syndrome consciously while growing up. It was years later that it dawned on me, that perhaps that’s why I was the one to leave home and buy myself a motorcycle. Yes, I felt good on my bike. And it was a pleasant feeling that my older brother wanted to get his motorcycle license on my bike, while our parents were travelling through Europe. Later he got his own larger motorcycle, and I was proud to take it for a spin.

Coherence and Unification
My mentors have helped me to change my perception and see things I could not see. I’ve always believed in life-long learning. Now the biggest challenge is to filter out what I do not want to deal with right now. I’m learning more and more about intuition and heart coherence. When I listen to Joe Dispenza and hear him talk of heart coherence, it reminds me of my experiences in 1975 when I met the Unification Church and discovered Reverend Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Principle Revelations. We were branded “Moonies” and called brainwashed. We learned about intuition, and spirit world and returning resurrection and went singing on the streets and in old people’s homes.

Today, so much of what I hear and see and learn resonates with what I discovered in the Divine Principle so many years ago. Yet Unification Church has gone through turmoil and change and growth. Today, the UPF, Universal Peace Federation, is bringing VVIPs to Korea for the dedication ceremony of the temple. People worldwide are zooming in on the thirty different events taking place in South Korea. While some people may be entertained by the almost simultaneous crowning of King Charles the Third, the cosmically more significant event is taking place in Korea.

Intuition or Social Media?
We are learning to tune in to our intuition. Some people pray. Some people meditate. A lot of people read. Some people are on FaceBook. Some people are on Twitter. I know people who have dodged social media as much as possible. I know others who are using ChatGPT.

Where do you stand? Where do I stand? I see the challenge in discernment. For myself, I’ve been grateful for the lessons I’ve received in gratitude. It is so easy to get tied up in comparisons, distractions, deprivation syndrome.

I have discovered, I have a mission. I can speak out. I can share. I can teach. Of course, the trick is in the dosage. I need to tune in to know the right times and places to be and what amounts of my precious resources I should invest. However, I have learned that it is important to invest.

Energy Exchange
Many years ago, I read the Celestine Prophesy and came across the concept of energy exchange. When you receive, you need to give. It is the universal principle of give and take action. We breathe in and out. Our blood circulates from, and to the heart. In the same way we need to honour those who serve us and serve in return.

The wise have already discovered that we can always afford to do good. The returns come from the universe itself, not necessarily from the needy person we may have helped. You’ve heard of paying it forward. Do unto others. The Golden Rule.

We already have everything we need. It’s a matter of connecting all the dots. It’s up to us to connect to each other.

I can motivate and share. I can still learn how to deal with some of the developments in social media.

Yes, I am old, but I am happy (Cat Stevens Yusuf Islam).

Let me know if I can help you.

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Lilly Gundacker

Lilly Gundacker is an Australian living in Austria, now in Vienna. With a loving husband and gifted adult children' she excels at Communication, Family, Marriage and is an Organizational expert. As a retired International Civil Servant and dedicated Unificationist she motivates, inspires, engages, and makes a difference!

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