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Glavotok Beach and camp

September 17, 2019 in Blog

Next trip – Krk. Family holiday was supposed to be the first family holiday but one son didn’t come. It is still a family holiday. First morning in Krk. Should I look to the past and continue digesting and reporting on the Peace Road trip last week or talk about today and tomorrow?

This morning as another son got upset while preparing his hashbrowns I realised the conflict was in fact my own unresolved issues with my husband. As son suggested we start breakfast without him and felt his father pressuring him when he asked how long he needs and youngest son lectured my husband about communicating and maintaining lists I saw all my thirty plus years with my husband regurgitated and felt somehow responsible. In fact this trip is upon my initiative and I did want to sponsor it so am indeed responsible. When son raised his voice my panic was real as I feared this holiday would be wrecked and we would never do anything like this again. I so much want to do this. However my original plan to work through Steven Covey’s book on the 7 Habits of Highly Successful Families gave way to accepting where we are now and working from there.
Last night I suggested we have breakfast together at eight and I thought we all agreed. This morning it became clear we can take my mother’s approach and each eat as we are ready. Funny, I really thought that as eight o’clock came and went and I had to reevaluate my stance. My kids keep comparing me to my mother. I had to think about my mother. I resisted saying anything and kind of just let things flow. They flowed out of control. Funny, I can see where things are coming from, feel responsible and still accept that everything will be all right.
If I am not in the dining room at eight, how can I expect anyone else to be there? Husband said he would make the breakfast so I left him to it. It’s his job at home and he obviously wanted to do it here. So, good. So then I wanted to download the shared photos from the Peace Road. The other photos are available for three days and today is the last day. If I don’t download them now the chance is gone.
I have only written one general article about the Peace Road and really thought I had enough impressions to write another three or four. Now we are here in Krk there’s a whole new ball game. The theme is still peace. It is peace in the family as a foundation for world peace.
I want to underline my stories with good photos. I loved the things I saw growing here yesterday: beautiful passionfruit flowers, kiwi fruits hanging down over a carport like grapes, grapes drying on the vine, olives, green and black on the tree in the garden (I did post that photo to FaceBook), apples, figs. I so love the tropics and warmer climes.
This house we are staying in: It has four bedrooms each with a double bed and own bathroom, some with balcony and another single bed. There is even a laundry with another extra toilet. Such luxury! Having spent the years with the kids growing up with only one bathroom and one toilet this is really a luxury holiday!
Three diver sons went to check out the diving places. Husband went out for a walk. I saw the owner this morning when I went out on our balcony. I was just checking it out, looking around when she came down the stairs.
The boys just got back from the diving scout trip and son can do his course tomorrow and Thursday. It is too windy for wreck dives. The trip today already left and the next chance would be on Saturday but we are returning to Vienna then. First thoughts of, oh, we should have gone earlier, we should be staying longer were immediately replaced with attitude of I am completely relaxed and determined it will all work out. I remember son growing up and always felt I had neglected him when I knew he was getting upset. Thank you Heavenly Parent for this precious opportunity. We are family. We want to be together. Not every day. Not every minute. But now, for this holiday and forever in heaven.
I wrote this before we spent the day on the beach.

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