My own background, Australia, my family, my mother, my history is the heading for this page. The contents may just be a mash of history like the video of 2016 already  on the video overview page. Then somewhere I want to post my videos of speeches, presentations, suggestions and proposals.

Happy Birthday Josef 60

Songs Josef’s 60th birthday party

Barbeque and cats

Happy Birthday Josef

Introduction What it was like when I joined the Unification Church in Australia last century


1969 Cooktown, Green Island, Gladstone, Queensland

1970 3 Sisters, Katoomba

2011 Auction, Melbourne Western suburbs

2016 Melbourne Western suburb, VIC, Australia

2016 Rex Lookout, Port Douglas, Queensland

2016 Mosman Gorge, Queensland

2016 Kuranda, aborigine playing didjeridoo, butterfly sanctuary, koala park

1969 Castelreagh, Tabletop, Bribie Island, Queensland

Christmas 2016

Andi’s 21st

2016 slideshow


2011 Babi talks about her life, Deda, the German club in Melbourne

2013 Happy 85th Birthday

2014 Babi