I’ve been filming places, events and people for over fifty years. For about thirty of those years I have been chasing time and wondering when I will be able to scan, catalogue, edit, sort and compile my photos and videos. From the children’s photo albums which never got finished and were overtaken by digital files to my first travel records of that awesome first international trip to Europe, to the many exciting meetings, seminars, conferences and events I have attended – there is tons of room for more work: to sort, to catalogue, to record, to explain, to share.

When will I do all this? When I have time. So it all starts right here and now and I am compiling, or now, rather already, publishing, my list of videos for posterity. Some of them will still be available on link only, and some may even be only private, but as much as practicable, I have tried to keep settings public to share and keep an honest dossier of my own activities.

My interests have been

  1. My own background, Australia, my family, my mother, my history;
  2. My hobbies, Toastmasters, Public Speaking;
  3. My professional life as a member of Women in Nuclear;
  4. Meeting the SG of the UN and other meetings at the VIC;
  5. My NGO activities supporting Women’s Federation for World Peace as Vice President;
  6. Family Forum Austria Familienforum Oesterreich, supporting the organization my husband founded to promote true family values and character education;
  7. My travels to exciting, historical or interesting places;
  8. My interviews with interesting people;
  9. UPF activities, especially at the UN in Vienna where I worked.

And here is text to keep for formating the contents after inserting the links to the video.

As I add new pages with video links to the themes above, I will add the link to the page. I couldn’t add the links to the videos below without losing the control over the numbering, headings and links to the videos.

Queensland trip 1969-1970

Final farewells in Melbourne 2016