As we prepare to celebrate together with our family tomorrow, we reflect in gratitude to God for all the blessings we have received.
After 29 years of buying Christmas calendars for our children, this year, our oldest son decided it was his turn to present US with a Christmas calendar at the beginning of December. The beautiful Zotter calendar was filled with 20g chocolate bars for the 24 days leading up to Christmas. How grateful we are! It is our first Christmas in Vienna! It is our first Christmas waking up without the children in the house.
Empty nest syndrome? Not quite yet. We had lunch with our married son and two others yesterday, followed by game  Scotland Yard  (pictured).


Scotland Yard

Tomorrow the four of them will come here for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner. The other one is still enjoying his Australian roots and the southern summer.

What will be different is the gift giving. This year they decided we would do Secret Santa. So we are all more focussed on the time we can spend together. Sending virtual wishes Down Under to all the tribe and family there. Was great seeing you all for the wedding in November.

Let’s continue to bless each other, knowing that everything comes back multiplied. Let us never hesitate to love and praise one another and our Heavenly Parent! As we mature in heart as parents of maturing children who reflect our love for them, we wonder at the incredible heart and nature of our loving God who sent His son to show us how to love one another and become more like Him.