Great tit

The Naked Truth

 Note to self: Love yourself. Now what did I want to say on this blog called “Ungeschminkt”?
I was wondering how to translate “Ungeschminkt” into English. It means with no make-up, but implies the naked truth, no cosmetics to cover up the imperfections. Like my red nose.
My hair has got so long now and I’ve had it up the last couple of days. I sprayed some hair oil on it a couple of days ago and now when I let it down, it looked so nice and shiny and full-bodied in the bathroom. Since the menopause my hair has become so dry and frazzled. Using this hair oil spray has been a real boost. A couple of weeks ago I bought three cans of oil hair spray from DM. It also has a lovely coconut scent which really gives me a psychological boost.
I was at the dentist this week and got new front teeth. I haven’t told anybody but now every time I look in the mirror I am so much happier! I had to look at my broken, crumbling, greying teeth and now I have a smile with shiny polished white pearls in my top gum.
I am still doing the SWK and after two weeks am now where I was when I last finished the SWK, at 93 something kg. In the shower this morning I determined I want to be able to see my pubic hair without having to hold my stomach in with my hand.
Oh God, this takes me off on a tangent about all the spam mail I have been receiving. I just delete it but it is so annoying. It can really be traumatizing. Should I write what I get? It is so insanely, perversely, sexual and intimidating, but writing about pubic hair reminded me. Psycho terror and stalking are surely some of the most underestimated sources of emotional stress! As I said, I just delete them but some days I get nearly a hundred of them. It started in October and I wonder what sparked it off?
The heater is not on at the moment. The sun is shining through the bedroom window. I love this time of day when I can sit at my desk with the sun shining on my back. It does interfere with the screen visibility though. Sometimes I need to pull the curtains to be able to read what is on the screen.
The blue tits were flying in swarms this morning to collect the seeds from our bedroom window ledge. They are so fast, so cute, so lively.
Andi left for Italy this morning. I was still lying in bed when Josef came to ask whether I want to get up to say goodbye before he leaves. Then after he left, we prayed and read together and spent over an hour talking over breakfast. He was at a gender meeting last night and I was at the Life Plus meeting with Todd Burrier. I gave Josef the signed book from Todd called: Leading with Heart: “Fuehren mit Herz”.
So now the next decision: what to do with all I have written? It was a fascinating evening with Todd with focus on social media. He invited us to live-stream one small section of his meeting after first announcing that no photos or videos were permitted and nothing was to be posted on social media! I was not prepared when he said: Now you can film and live-stream.
I think in the States people do much more of that and he did not anticipate how inexperienced and unprepared we all are for this! I eventually started filming but only just set up the live streaming this morning after breakfast!
I am offering content that can lead to spiritual growth and development. Yes. That is my goal. I want to be a source of inspiration. I have received so much from the Divine Principle, from Reverend Moon, from Todd Burrier, from Katie Snape, from Clare Josa, – I just want to share it all.
Now I think I could actually post all that I have written above. But I probably should still consider goals and purpose.
Why am I blogging?
I just want to leave a legacy.
What do I want to leave?
I want my future grand-kids to know who I was.
Really? Pubic hair?
No, that’s for later. That’s to show that I am open-minded and not prude. Also, with so much sex trash on the internet, people should be able to come to some substantial content when they surf for such terms and not just all the pornography and junk.
I am offering content that can lead to spiritual growth and development. Yes. That is my goal. I want to be a source of inspiration. I have received so much from the Divine Principle, from Reverend Moon, from Todd Burrier, Clare Josa, – I just want to share it all. No, I do not want to convert people to the Unification Church. And I do not want to sell any products. I want to share my story, my inspiration, my experience, my wisdom, my love. I love listening to people. Of course I also love to tell my own story, but I feel like, even at 63, I am still working out my story.
Enough time spent on this. Get on with posting at least the video. But will I really post it without my story?
An excursion into the mind of Ozlilly.