Have you heard the latest rumours of drug companies and doctors conspiring together to beat profit out of the masses by encouraging  people to get a flu vaccination even though it may not be necessary?

How do you know if a vaccination is necessary? How do you know if you are at risk? How do you know if you will be exposed to the virus?

I have one friend who is a flight attendant. He was hospitalized, isolated and quarantined when they found new flu in his blood even though he had no symptoms! His wife was home alone with a new baby and he had to spend a week in hospital in total isolation.

Do I really want to know if there is a REAL conspiracy – or just an unfortunate coincidence of circumstances?

It’s easy to believe that someone out there is out to rip me off, to put me down, to spy on me and whatever else.

I prefer to believe that everyone is looking for happiness and understanding and ultimately love. I think that everyone is too busy being preoccupied with themselves to worry about or notice what I am doing, whether I surf at work, whether I abuse the system or do my fair share.