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New Year Reflection

Just an impulsive immediate right now thought to jot down and shoot out. No, not my review of 2018. Still working on that! Lol.
New Year’s Eve He* suggested we go out for a walk. Continue reading

Season’s Greetings

What’s the point of writing a blog? What’s the point of MY blog? I write to journal, to reflect on the day, on my life. Today as I tap briefly into FaceBook I realize I will first write in my blog before posting our Christmas photo. Continue reading

Merry Christmas

As we prepare to celebrate together with our family tomorrow, we reflect in gratitude to God for all the blessings we have received. Continue reading

A Week and a Day

How quickly the time has flown. So much video footage, not processed, not shared. I am back home. Work tomorrow. Continue reading

Before the Trip Back Home

I’ve seen prayer rooms at Seoul and Dubai airports. I had never noticed one at Melbourne Airport Continue reading

Last Sunday in Australia

It was only two weeks here Down Under but it was really worth it. Continue reading

The Day After

What a beautiful ceremony! So proud of my brother, his daughter, their family, OUR family. I have to post this photo of me, the bride and groom and the officiator, my brother Eric. It was their day. It was moving. It was beautiful and I am glad that I came all around the world just for this day. Continue reading


Just started uploading a video which I titled: How to live to 90. It is clips of my Mum talking about her life, her family, her photos, her hobbies, her plants, and her attitude. Continue reading

Being Grateful

Today I am actually already Down Under, at Mum’s. We are both extremely appreciative, grateful. I know my kids laugh at my Mum and often at me. I don’t really appreciate that! Continue reading

Autumn to Spring

I diligently tried to take some autumn photos on my way to the airport in Vienna. After all it will be springtime when I land in Melbourne. Continue reading

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