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Mum’s Biography

I came for her birthday and decided we finally have to get this biography done. After 90 years you certainly could have something to say. Mum says she has lived so long she can talk about anything you mention. In fact as soon as you say something, she will tell you the stories she knows. Continue reading

Interview with nearly 90 year old Mum

Mum told me how the farmers in Europe used to shovel their stables out onto the street to brag about how well off they were.
Next clip is about how she was working in a carpet factory in Australia and told them that she was pregnant. Her colleagues asked her why she admitted being pregnant. Continue reading


Wednesday evening all the family came to see me off at the airport. Godwin brought me his noise cancelling earphones. The next 24 hours I changed planes once in Dubai, had another transit stop in Singapore, had a short stay in Thursday, to arrive in Melbourne summer time, ten hours ahead of Vienna winter time, on Friday morning, 19th January 2018. I collected some Aussie dollars at the ATM on the way out of customs and immigration. Continue reading

Himmel und Hoelle (Heaven and Hell)

We attended a seminar in Heiligenkreuz at the Catholic University, south of Vienna, Austria. It started off dark and depressing. I began wondering, “What am I doing here? Shouldn’t I be home finishing off editing the book on the spirit world?” We came together. Josef wanted to see Frau Dr Gerda Falkovic. She spoke in the afternoon. Continue reading

Mum turning 90

My mother was born in Czechoslovakia in 1928.


Her name is Elizabeth. Continue reading

Anniversary Celebration of Women’s Federation for World Peace in Upper Austria and new Ambassadors for Peace

I put together a PowerPoint of photos which I found from my time in Linz 1990-1996. I could not find a diary or any other material, leaflets, just a couple of digital files and photos on synology. Continue reading

If I didn’t have children

If I didn’t have children, I would have time to create photo albums. I have children and lots of photos. One day I will make a photo album for each child. When I have time.
If I didn’t have to work, I would have time to bake cookies. I go to work and my husband has baked the Christmas cookies. 

Continue reading

*Hubby, Boys, cousin, son, One, the others, They, sonny, The guys, everyone, Oneson

Dear Family Members

In my efforts and desire to maintain a blog and publish stories about my life and experiences, I inevitably refer to you, my dearest loved ones who mean the most to me. Continue reading

Christmas 2017

Well, we actually celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, on 24th December. Continue reading

WFWP-AT Christmas 2017

I was invited to make a presentation about the UN and my experiences in the Women’s Federation. I prepared a PowerPoint presentation with photos dating back quite a few years.

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