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Anniversary Celebration of Women’s Federation for World Peace in Upper Austria and new Ambassadors for Peace

I put together a PowerPoint of photos which I found from my time in Linz 1990-1996. I could not find a diary or any other material, leaflets, just a couple of digital files and photos on synology. Continue reading

If I didn’t have children

If I didn’t have children, I would have time to create photo albums. I have children and lots of photos. One day I will make a photo album for each child. When I have time.
If I didn’t have to work, I would have time to bake cookies. I go to work and my husband has baked the Christmas cookies. 

Continue reading

*Hubby, Boys, cousin, son, One, the others, They, sonny, The guys, everyone, Oneson

Dear Family Members

In my efforts and desire to maintain a blog and publish stories about my life and experiences, I inevitably refer to you, my dearest loved ones who mean the most to me. Continue reading

Christmas 2017

Well, we actually celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, on 24th December. Continue reading

WFWP-AT Christmas 2017

I was invited to make a presentation about the UN and my experiences in the Women’s Federation. I prepared a PowerPoint presentation with photos dating back quite a few years.

Todd Burrier

Have I written about him yet? I certainly should have. One of my prime mentors who inspires me almost daily! A few years ago, I translated for a daylong seminar with Todd Burrier in Vienna. This time, I had the privilege to just be a part of the audience. As we arrived he was in the corridor meeting and greeting the incoming visitors. When you hear his vlogs, you know, that is Todd, through and through. He thanks YOU for being allowed to serve you! Is that leadership with heart? I do remember writing about this! It just inspires me so much. I did buy the English version of his book from Amazon, after purchasing the German one for him to sign, which I gave to Josef.

Time and Relationships

It is the night before Christmas Continue reading

Happy 70th Birthday Herbert Giller

Dear Herbert,
You gave us all a wonderful presentation of all your life and activities and projects. You invited us all to share and celebrate with you. Thank you for inviting us and allowing us to share this wonderful evening with you


I do hope you share your presentation. It was very interesting to see and a wonderful document of your investment.
Hope you enjoy the jade plant, marmite, vegemite and home made jam and juice (made by Josef).

Link to English version of book: What Comes after Capitalism?

President van der Bellen visits “UNO City”

The Viennese lovingly call it UNO City. We call it the VIC. Most Viennese don’t even know what V.I.C. stands for. It is the Vienna International Centre. And that is the third United Nations Headquarters, after New York and Geneva, Vienna.

What a week! From welcoming the Austrian Federal President to the United Nations in Vienna, to the Toastmasters Social Event, how can I sum it up? Continue reading


 Next day I am editing my blog, start a new page, upload my videos, read a couple of my 70 emails, have breakfast with Josef, have lunch with Josef, take my homeopathic drops, wash my hair, pray, read and talk, take my drops again. Continue reading

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