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Be Visible

Do it now. I’ve been attending webinars by women for women. I thought I would be motivating women and now I’ve become motivated. They say you need to start and overcome your fears. You need to be visible. You need to forget all the critics. You need to be yourself. Continue reading

Fourteen Weeks

Guess what
I was such an anti-medication freak. I mean since way back! I think I already told you about the time that Schwester Edit in Switzerland wanted to give me drugs and I so vehemently refused? No? Oh, I thought there was already a blog about that but I guess it was just in my private diary. Continue reading


The journaling, the journaling. Even though I’ve put it into my daily calendar to do a review each evening, just so that the reminder comes up and I think about writing something, I’ve been so busy that I’ve just turned the reminders off again and continued doing what I was doing. Continue reading

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