Interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values.

You believe that the United Nations can fulfil its mandate when the right people are in the right places. You know that a parental heart of mature experience and understanding can contribute to a fruitful working climate.

You are committed to making a difference. You believe you have a mission at the United Nations. You like to get the job done. You know when you contribute, you can make a difference!

I am Lilly Gundacker known as a bridge builder and tenacious networker with an infectious laugh. I invest my communication talents in mentoring professionals and others who are eager to work at the United Nations. Having experienced NGO activites as a volunteer representative at the UN and then entered into the team of international civil servants at the Vienna International Centre, I was the Data Assistant at the Division of Nuclear Security at the International Atomic Energy Agency. I served as Staff Association Representative and core member of the V.I.C. Toastmasters Club.

I believe in YOU! I believe when you commit to give your best, to do your best, that you will be led to the channels that allow you to implement what you believe in.

It takes all types to make a world...

The UN has all types of jobs for all types of people

My colleagues come from all over the world

  • ... sometimes we have to work with people from an enemy nation
  • ... often we need to travel to all corners of the earth
  • ... our nuclear security conferences start on Sunday in some countries
  • ... we are expected to do more and more
  • ... new programmes are being introduced

Gain confidence in your application process

  • Identify your strengths
  • Use your language skills
  • Promote your interpersonal relationship talents
  • Allow your genius to serve the world
  • Contribute to the SDGs
  • Gain the confidence you need
  • Join a great team

Dream Job UN

If you have dreamed of working at the United Nations, take a look at what it takes. If you are passionate about solving problems and making an important contribution, examine the possibilities.

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