My mother was born in Czechoslovakia in 1928.


Her name is Elizabeth. My father was born in 1927. His name is George. They were both born in January. She was christened Ilse Marie Antoni. I used to think it was like a royal family, like Queen Elizabeth and King George. But she was called Eliska. And Dad’s real name was Jiri Karel, not George Charles, who he became, in Australia.

My Mum turns 90 on Australia Day, 26 January. We are still working on her biography. Whenever I can, I ask her about her life. Like when I visited with two of my sons, from Austria in 2014.

I have already posted other blog articles about her. This one starts with the auction in the next street. Since I left home and moved to Austria, she is always telling me about the neighbours’ houses that become available for sale or auction.

And the video from 2011.

What about the trip up the East Coast of Australia in 1969-1970? Well the films of that were without sound. More to come.