The Reef was just amazing. I was just so happy to see Josef taking so many photos when we went on the semi-submersible, and then in the underwater observatory. It reminded me of my trip to Green Island last century when I only had a black and white film in my camera.

That didn’t stop me taking lots of photos and I still remember the experience vividly. I remember the corals much brighter and we saw some giant clams and some giant turtles. We saw three turtles on our trip with the sub, I only saw the one and it was not as big as I remember them. I remember seeing the turtle lay the eggs on the beach at Bundaberg, but that is a thousand miles south of here. I remembered my school and our house and garden to be much bigger. This has truly been a trip down memory lane for me, and I was glad to see Josef snapping so many photos to capture his memories too.