Dear Family Members

In my efforts and desire to maintain a blog and publish stories about my life and experiences, I inevitably refer to you, my dearest loved ones who mean the most to me.

In my respect for your privacy and your adamant demand to require prior knowledge before publication of such posts, stories, blogs or vlogs, I am initiating the use of pseudonyms to facilitate the uninhibited expression of my creative talent.

When/if, dear family members, you happen to read my blog, posts, stories, or listen to any of my vlogs, and find yourself in any of my pseudonyms, and if you would like me to replace a particular pseudonym: hubby, Boys, cousin, son, One, the others, They, sonny, The guys, everyone, Oneson, or any other pseudonym, with your own name, then please feel free to let me know.

When I have time, and if it is appropriate, and at my own creative discretion, I may edit my creative writings accordingly.

Should you have any objections to my course of action or inaction, feel free to invite me out for a chat and a drink. As you know, I love philosophizing and discussing past events and telling stories and sharing ideas. We might even agree on publishing or not sharing, another story or experience together.

Love you all,