Do you think it is electro-smog that causes interference in computer programmes and sometimes other weird phenomena?

I just listened to a wonderful lecture about physics and the invisible world and how science and religion are moving closer together. And it is apparently science that is coming to explain religion rather than the other way round.
What’s that got to do with the price of fish?

Well, I maintain that I get an unusually high level of interference with my files and digital work, especially when I am doing something extremely altruistic, idealistic and inspiring. In fact I could tell you stories you wouldn’t believe. Did you ever print a PDF file with every letter the next one in the alphabet instead of the one it was meant to be?

Oh, how I’m looking forward to write stories and upload photos and compose reports during my break. Mum just told me that the doorbell has started ringing non-stop. She had to call my brother to come over to pull out the battery.

Spirit world, here I come.