What a strange feeling. Summer is here. Weekends at the pool. Everyone else is on holiday. G. just got back from Berlin. I have two more weeks to work. Then – whoosh – I’m off, on my own to stay with my Mum in Australia. It reminds me of the time eons ago when I left Australia for Europe and stayed with my grandparents in Munich.
This time I leave my husband and children behind to visit my Mother. I called her via skype today and she wisely warned me to make a list of the things I’d like to do and to not expect too much. Good ole’ Mum. She is always full of good advice.
I’m actually grateful for the opportunity to go now as otherwise I have no idea when I might otherwise get around to it.
There are so many things happening world-wide and in all my circles of interest and influence. Perhaps I will get some time to blog it! 🙂