In the evening we went to visit old school friends where we now have a special connection. Hilda and Henry met at my farewell party when I first went to Europe,

Henry a school friend of my brother Ron, and Hilda, a primary school friend of mine. The fact that Hilda was born in Austria and has a passionate love and attachment for the country of my partner, residence and nationality of my children was not to be foreseen in those early days. Now as we visited with Hilda and Henry and her sister Ingrid, who married my next door neighbour, we were happily reminiscing about former days. So here you are, Henry, your beautiful fan photos of Elvis and the Beatles. Thanks for a lovely evening.
Josef wanted to take my picture under Hilda’s copy of Klimt’s “The Kiss”.
The cuckoo clock and Bad Ischl are hanging in places of honour in Hilda’s house, a true Austrian patriot.