I’ve seen prayer rooms at Seoul and Dubai airports. I had never noticed one at Melbourne Airport so I followed the signs after Christoph went back home. As I walked down the passage a couple of airport staff members asked me what I wanted. I said that I wanted to see the prayer room. I had the impression that it was only intended for Muslims and I wanted to see what it was like. They assured me it was not just for Muslims and made way for me, though I do believe they were surprised. Once inside I saw there were in fact three different rooms. One was labelled counselling room. One was in fact labelled Muslim prayer room. The third was called multifaith so I went in there. It had a scene of the 12 Apostles from the Great Ocean Road. I spent some time praying, meditating and then decided it was a perfect scene for a farewell photo from Australia. I posted the photo of the prayer room at Melbourne airport. There was no semblance of a Christian chapel, no altar, no candle, no other focal point. I wondered who else had ever been in there. Soon afterwards I heard voices outside. As I left there were a number of people coming to pray, mostly Muslim families.