Wednesday evening all the family came to see me off at the airport. Godwin brought me his noise cancelling earphones. The next 24 hours I changed planes once in Dubai, had another transit stop in Singapore, had a short stay in Thursday, to arrive in Melbourne summer time, ten hours ahead of Vienna winter time, on Friday morning, 19th January 2018. I collected some Aussie dollars at the ATM on the way out of customs and immigration. It was forty degrees outside and I couldn’t use my phone; couldn’t tune in to Wi-Fi, couldn’t find Christoph’s Australian number. Made my way to the MELBOURNE sign in front of the Park Hotel and eventually got picked up and chauffeured home by my loving faithful son, Christoph
Once home, met Mum, we talked and shared and I again became frustrated not able to take any photos or video with my phone. Finally got out my laptop to film the discussion with my mother. Maybe videos later, when I retire.