Karen Smith ran an NGO event as a side event of the Crime Commission at the Vienna International Centre representing  and bringing together a number of organizations. It was in M7 at eight o’clock, Tuesday morning, 23rd May 2017.  I arrived shortly before and greeted Karen with a hug. She had IT experts from UNOV and IAEA and introduced us to each other. Later, Karen and I spoke about our work in bringing people together and facilitating communication. She specifically told me that she is not a cyber security expert but more of a communications and marketing expert. She introduced her book, Unlocking the UN and some of the people in the room had already read it.


Photographers, I guess from UNODC were also capturing the whole event. I found it extremely interesting and do hope that it will be available especially to those in the field. The sponsoring organizations were the Office of Information and Communications Technology, International Center for Religion and Diplomacy, and Women’s Federation for World Peace International. The topic was advertised as:  TECH-POWERED PARTNERSHIPS FOR COUNTERING VIOLENT EXTREMISM AND IMPLEMENTING THE SDGs.

Karen Judd Smith has displayed incredible talent and leadership expertise obtained through her years of experience in a wide range of fields. She asked who in the room has heard of the “Digital Blue Helmets”?

I highly recommend her book and also seek to promote communication of integrative ideas for peace. It is in our hands. What we all do is what counts. When we understand that together we can build an ideal world, a kingdom of heaven on earth and unleash the power of goodness and unique qualities within each one of us, we can inspire each other to do more for the sake of others and the greater whole than seeking individual personal gain or gratification which only results in temporary satisfaction.

Intelligence is creativity having fun. Einstein.