How quickly the time has flown. So much video footage, not processed, not shared. I am back home. Work tomorrow. Don’t dwell on the past. Just these auto clips as another brief impression. Then perhaps there will be more time for reflection and sharing later. Succumbed to Christoph’s tips on using Google photos. You’ll always be criticized no matter what you do. Wanted to do all my own comments. Run out of time. So here are impressions of my first week and my last full day.

Yes pictures do speak more than a thousand words. All the words I have not yet shared. Going to church with Mum and meeting Father Len Thomas, great Hawthorn footy fan; Mum’s incredible garden, the wonderful relatives Down Under, the christening and birthday party as soon as I arrived.

And a video of the photos without the actual videos I took of a single day just before I left again. The snippet of the blue tongue lizard in Mum’s garden, The pool table I bought before I left home at 17, and all the other days? Each its own story, in its own time.